Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cards

Here's our little Santa!

Noah was very tired tonight so getting pictures of him for our Christmas cards was a little trickier than it normally would have been. We did managed to get quite a few of him smiling, one of the perks of having such a happy baby. After he went to bed I got online to order the cards. Our cards will most likely be going out after Christmas, although if they come as quickly as his birth announcements did, it shouldn't be too shortly after the holiday.

I should have been on top of getting these pictures taken, we've had the Santa suit since before Halloween! In fact, at Halloween we weren't sure if he'd fit into his cow outfit since he had grown so much. We joked that we could always dress him up as Santa if it didn't fit! And guess what?! The Santa suit was pretty snug when he had it on tonight!

So in the end, my Christmas cards will be late. But as they say: "Better late than never!"

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