Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Long Day

Today seemed like such a long day, although Justin and I did get a lot more sleep last night. Noah went to bed around 8:45 pm and woke up around 5 am. Normally he gets up around 3 am to feed. So we were treated to a night of uninterupted sleep!

I felt like a chicken running around with it's head cut off at school today. I am the student council sponsor and have a fundraiser going on with that, in addition to the canned food drive that we sponsor. My choir has a concert next Tuesday, so preparing for that is also taking a lot of my time. Last year I stayed at school between classes and the concert. Now that Noah is here, I want to come home in between school and the concert and that requires getting everything from programs to the stage ready ahead of time.

I am usually good about getting thank you cards written and I haven't had time to write them for a couple gifts Noah has received from family and friends. Justin's godmother, Jackie, made Noah this quilt: Thanks, Jackie!!! It's so beautiful. We've hung it in the family room so we can see it all the time and thoroughly enjoy it. (And I'm hoping to drop you a card in the mail soon!!)

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C.O.N. said...

Justin's Grandpa Marvy would never leave a blog entry uncommented upon so here's an one his behalf. Amy, please ask Noah how many monkeys it takes to kick the seeds out of a pickle?!