Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break, Days 1 & 2

So, my spring break officially began yesterday!  Justin's spring break was last week (the disadvantage of teaching in different school districts) and I was lucky enough to have Thursday and Friday off due to snow days.  I previously posted how great it was to have that time with the boys and to get some packing done.  While I have done some work these past two days, most of the time was devoted to spending time with my little boy.  How do you like his new sun glasses?  He thinks he's pretty hot stuff when he wears them!
This picture is solely for Uncle Aaron and Aunt Janis who bought this shirt for Noah on their trip to Washington D.C. & Philadelphia.    Yo, Adrian!
Yesterday, Noah and I went to the Children's Museum in Denver.  I meet a friend of mine from high school there who I hadn't seen since then!  She has a little girl who is almost two, just a few months older than Noah.  It was so great to see her and her little one!

Noah's favorite part of the museum was the train room. . . . he was in heaven!!!  

There was a big fire truck display for the kids to play on, complete with firemen hats and coats to dress up in!  Here's firefighter Abbott, looks like a serious call, huh?!

This call: not so serious, looks like he's taking a pizza order for everyone in the firehouse!
At the fire truck. . . . . 
Grandpa Tom would be proud. . . . Noah loved the "fishing" spot.
Here he is working the register. . . .
Climbing up the slide. . . . wasn't too successful.  I tried to show him that there were stairs on the other side but he saw all the other kids going up it so he had to try to do the same.
"Writing" on the wall with magnetic letters. . ..  .
In the big tree trunk tunnel. . . . 
The museum was great, I can't wait to take him back again!

Today, we hit the mall and bought summer clothes.  We also had lunch in the food court and played in the play area.  Here he is doing his "newest trick": putting his food in his hair.  He thinks it's quite funny, especially when I tell him no.  He just laughs at me. . . is this foreshadowing things to come?  I hope not!
Here he is in the mall play area:  he LOVES the ball maze!
Riding the ladybug. . . .
On the fish (again, Grandpa Tom would be proud!). . . . 
Spinning the wheel. . . 
We've had two GREAT days!  Tomorrow we're making spaghetti sauce, letting it simmer all day and then my folks are coming over for dinner.  We're also suppose to meet up with Kari and Finn.  Finn is almost two and he and his mom, Kari, were in our swim class last summer.  We haven't seen them since before Christmas, it'll be great to see them!

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