Friday, March 13, 2009

Our "Dream Home" is Under Contract!!!

This is 377 Maplewood Drive, Erie, CO: our future home!  As of 4:00 this afternoon we are officially "under contract!"  I posted some pictures on Wednesday, now that we are "under contract" I feel more confident about posting some more pictures (I didn't want to jinx it before)
Today's pictures: the master bedroom!
Where you see Seth and Tom's backsides to the right is the hallway from the landing coming into the master bedroom.  Justin took this picture from where the bed is located.  (Coincidentally, it's taken from my side of the bed: not that you wanted to know that)  To the left, there's a glimpse into the 5-piece master bath.
This is the view coming into the master bedroom from the hallway.  Nothing dramatic, but definitely warm and cozy.
Here's another shot of the bathroom.  The tub and shower are obviously to the left.  The door behind Kathy is to the "potty" room and to the right is the counter with the bathroom sink and also the closet.

And finally, here is one of the most important features of our new home:  Justin's throne!!

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