Wednesday, March 11, 2009

House Hunting

We have started the house hunting process and much to our surprise have found a house that we are in love with!  It's in Erie, CO, and is on the western side of the town which makes for a shorter commute to both Justin's and my schools.  Above is a picture of us entering the house.  We had quite the posse: my mom, Kathy, Tom, Seth, Noah, Justin, myself and our realtor.
This is the foyer.  The room in which you can see me is the family room.  Justin took this by the front door.  Just to the right is coat closet.  Just ahead, as you can see, are the stairs that lead to four bedrooms.
This is the view to the left as you come in.  There is a living room and formal dining room.  The people that occupy it now must also use it as a workout room- check out the weight bench!
This is a view from the kitchen and the informal dining area.  The refrigerator is located to the right of this view.  
Here you can see my mom, Noah and I in the kitchen.  Justin took this from the family room.  The door leads to the basement where there are two offices, a bathroom with a shower and a HUGE storage room (we need that for our two artificial Christmas trees, Christmas stuff and our three huge storage bins of clothes that Noah can't wear anymore)

I was tempted to post more pictures but I don't want to jinx it.  I am really excited about this house.  It just feels right and both of us love it.  It has everything that we are looking for in a house.  Now to see if our realtor can get us the price we can live with and seal the deal.  Please wish us luck!!

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