Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Sleep for the Weary

It's been a rough few nights here in the Abbott house.  We can't figure out if Noah's getting a cold or cutting teeth.  He was up almost all night Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.  Last night he finally slept a 6 hour stretch.  Needless to say all three of us have been tired.  
I do have to say that the picture above is not a tired, cranky little one but a little boy who was saying "Baaa!" back to his computer! :)
Even though he hasn't been sleeping well, for the most part he's pretty happy still.  He love to play with my cell phone (above) and we took him to the play area at the mall this afternoon.  He had a good time sliding on the dinosaur's tail but you could tell he wasn't feeling his normal, chipper self.  He actually laid down on the floor three times like he was ready to take a nap!  Poor baby!
I can't wait for Easter.  It's going to be such fun to take Noah to the city Easter Egg Hunt and my cousin Joanne usually has an Easter get together with a great egg hunt.  We bought some eggs to practice with!!!
It was quite amusing getting these pictures of him today.  Of course he wants the camera so I would have to walk away from him and he'd chase me around the room.  Silly boy!

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