Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break, Day 3

So, yesterday Noah and I went to the mall and bought summer clothes.  Included in those were a  pair of flip-flops and a new windbreaker.  To say he loves the flip flops would be an understatement.  He had to wear both the flip flops and the windbreaker last night.  It was too funny when he also added his Cubs' batting helmet.  

Here he is wearing his flip flops again this morning.  What a goof. . . . he must take after his daddy!

Today we were suppose to get together with my friend Kari and her son Finn. They've had a rough winter and sadly were unable to meet because Kari's sick.  So, because it was a cold, yucky day we stayed home.  I started spaghetti sauce this morning so the house smelled delicious.  We worked in the basement, going through boxes, deciding which things to keep and which to get rid of before we move.  Noah was quite the helper.  We also watched Sesame Street and we tried coloring in his coloring book.  He doesn't quite get it or enjoy it yet, but it's good exposure for him.
Here he is playing trains.  We also got the oil changed in the car today.  While we were waiting at Walmart for the car we browsed through the store.  Noah found this Sponge Bob hat, he wore it through the entire store so of course we had to get it! :)
He loves doing this, it's too cute- getting on all fours and then balancing on his head and legs with his hands up: our own baby tripod!
You'll notice that he's holding a mallet in these last few pictures.  Of course he found that when we were cleaning in the basement.  Maybe he'll be a percussionist?  

And here he is with his BFF, Casey.  I think I've blogged about Casey, a long time ago.  Casey has buttons on his feet that make him play music from various composers.  He really likes the Beethoven button, which plays Fur Elise, the Mozart button, which plays Eine Klein Nacht Musik and the Bach button which plays Minuet in G.  Lately he's really like the Chopin button which play a piano sonata, not my favorite, too dissonant for me!

Spring break has been so much fun! Tomorrow we're bringing Grandma Debbie lunch at her school and we might try going by the "Wow!" Children's Museum in Louisville.  Too bad every week can't be spring break!

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crazyauntiejan said...

I love him in Flip Flops! Too cute!