Monday, September 7, 2009

Picture Day Disaster

So, we had an appointment on Saturday to get Noah's 2 year pictures taken. We did not make that appointment but Noah still had pictures taken- they just weren't as enjoyable.

Saturday morning before breakfast Noah and I were in the living room and I was talking to my mom on the phone. Justin was in the kitchen making batter for waffles. Noah walks around the dining room table and falls. As he falls Justin and I both her an audible "snap", like the sound of a tree limb breaking. I got off the phone with my mom and picked him up. Justin took him and we tried to have him stand but his little leg just quivered when we tried to put him down. Justin and I frantically dress, I throw some cereal in a bag for Noah and we head over to urgent care. Luckily they see us right away. They give Noah some motrin for pain and take x-rays. Some how when he fell he fractured his tibia. Thank goodness it's just a small fracture and he's young so it should heal quickly. Because this particular urgent care has had two fatal cases of child abuse come through I think they are extra cautious when children come in with injuries, and rightfully so. So, the doctor orders a full body x-ray. Nothing we're worried about, we are loving parents and the only thing we physically do to our son is give him hugs, kisses, bathes and lotion him. To our surprise the doctor comes back and asks if Noah has ever broken his wrist. What?! Are you kidding me, Noah has a healing fracture on his wrist (common in toddlers) that we never knew about?! In addition, he has physical therapy and speech therapy once a week and neither of these people noticed this!

We have to make an appointment this week with the pediatric orthopedic at children's hospital for Noah. I'm hoping that it was just an unfortunate fall and that nothing is wrong with his bones, especially after hearing about the wrist fracture that we NEVER knew about! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers this week!

Here are his "pictures" taken on Saturday (I don't see the fracture and the doctor said she had to really blow up the image to see it):

He's got a split that is made of fiberglass that goes along the back of his leg and bottom of his foot. We can take it off to bath him, which is nice but he's pretty sensitive when this is done:
The only good thing about this is because he can't walk he was a perfect spectator at the labor day parade in Louisville today. Here he is waiting for the parade:
With Daddy:
Trying to get the camera from J:
Thank goodness for cousins! We were over at Aaron & Janis's house on Sunday evening to watch the CU/CSU game. He loves his girls and wants to be with them. He wasn't about to let the splint slow him down so he had to figure out how to move his leg to get where he wanted to go and how to mover from sitting and crawling. And of course, as usual, Mary and Ellie were super sweet with him! They gave him lots of TLC and attention. Here they are playing "scarves":

This is an older shot that I just got from Janis. Here's Noah playing in Gramps' old Corvair:

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