Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cast Update

Just a quick update to let everyone know Noah got his cast off this afternoon. I was late to the appointment so I missed the actual "sawing" of the cast (thank God, I would have cried as much as I heard he did). I walked in as they were returning from x-ray, Noah still in the late sob stages from the "saw". We had to wait a little while for the PA to come in and discuss his x-ray. Brian, the PA, told us that what Noah had was a typical toddler break, a spiral fracture on his tibia. I would love to take that information back to the first doctor that grilled us on how the fracture happened and then proceeded to do a full body x-ray.

We are happy to report that his leg is healing well. Brian pointed out that it is important to remember that he's still healing, not healed, and Noah needs to take it easy on the leg for a while. Bummer, I guess he'll just have to spend some more time cuddling with his mommy! (No complaints here!)

Pictures hopefully to follow. Our little guy had a long day- a no-nap day at "Nana's" preceded the doctors appointment and then afterwards we went to Uno's pizza and to Babies-R-Us- we bought bed rails so over Thanksgiving Break Noah can transition to a "big-boy bed"!

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