Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Noah Pics

Noah's doing pretty well with his leg, this weekend he even started trying walking. It's really awkward because he can't bend his ankle but it's encouraging that he's trying it. He had a little virus last week. On Wednesday he had a fever of 102 and that continued through Friday night. His cousins spent the night that night and it was obvious that he wasn't feeling well, he didn't even want to play with them. But, his fever must have broke that night as he was feeling a lot better in the morning, he loved having pancakes with them and playing with them before they had to go.

Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks.
Noah and I trying to play Candy Land:
Playing on the computer with daddy:
Sitting on Daddy's tummy:
His new thing is finding J's coffee tumbler in his school bag and pretending like he's drinking coffee!:

The pictures below are from lunch.
Pudding face:
Noah has one up on Maxwell Smart. While he had a shoe phone, Noah has a foot phone :)
Peace out:
After his nap or should I say nap, take II:

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