Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two Years Old Today!!!!!

My baby boy is 2 years old today!!!! Wow, how he's grown!
Here we are right after he was born and picture below he's less than an hour old!:
Here we are today, two years later, singing Happy Birthday to him in our kitchen:
He just smiled and smiled as we sang it to him and when it was done he said: "More?":
And blowing out the candles. He helped blow them out this year!!
And there's more cake to come, his birthday party is this Sunday. His Auntie Jan is baking a bus cake. We've already seen and tried her practice cake, it's going to be great! With the exception that we can't get the birthday boy to touch cake! So, we'll have plenty of M&Ms on hand!

I actually got to spend all day with him today. He was up last night with a runny nose and had a hard time sleeping so I thought it best not to infect the other little boy that he's around during the day. I hope he feels better tomorrow but I have to admit I won't complain if I get to spend another day home with him!

Here are some pictures from the week:
M&M face:
Mr. "techno-kid":
Wearing Daddy's shoes:

Knock, knock, coming in the back door:
Popsicles and hanging out with my mom on my birthday:
Where's Noah? He was playing peek-a-boo, of course I didn't get one when he popped up because he saw the camera and ran over to me too fast:
This is my yoga kid: downward dog position:

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Teaching Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Noah! Such a big boy...