Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pictures of. . . . .

Our baby that is due in mid April!
I had the early down syndrome screening on Monday and everything looks great. They look for the development of the nasal cavity and they measure the membrane at the base of the spinal cord. They also took blood which they send to New York for special testing. Of course the best part was I got to see our new little one. Justin couldn't go so my mom went with me. I told him he really missed out as they took some 3-D shots of the baby!

Here's a profile shot of the fetus, you can see the nasal cavity and the mouth:
Here's another side view in which you can see the little leg:
The 3-D shots look really great on the screen but printed out they remind me of "clay-mations". Here you can see the baby has its hands up by its eyes. You can also see the legs and feet at the bottom, although they look fairly shot due to the angle:
Here's a side shot where the arms are up by the ears. Covering it's ears to me already? This is not a good sign :) And you can see the little legs in this picture better.
And really, what's a post on this blog without a shot of my little cutie pie with my big cutie pie? This is right after he got his cast off. It's funny: he wakes up every morning and points down to his leg and says "off?!" as if he's in disbelief that it's actually off! I'm hoping it NEVER has to go back on!!!

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