Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Week in Pictures III

Well, as all of you teachers out there know, with the passing of July 4th we are on the downhill side of summer vacation (BOO HOO!!!)  And it's been a busy week here at the Abbott house, as you will see from the pictures below.  Now, I don't want to brag or anything, but I got my history test back on Monday and I did very well.  Thank goodness, now please send some good vibes toward Ft. Collins on Wednesday morning when I have the second of the two tests for this class.  Speaking of tests, my written test to complete my masters is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14th (any and all prayers will be appreciated).  Then my oral exams are on July 27th.  After that I will have one credit to take in the fall and I will graduate in December.  While it will be nice to finally be finished with my degree, it's not going to affect my salary until I have another 15 credits.  None the less, it will be done and I'm sure Justin will be glad to get his wife back, you know, the one that doesn't spontaneous burst into tears at the drop of a hat.

At any rate, here are pictures from the week:

Justin with his new "smoker," smokin' some pork butt on Sunday:
Noah wearing my Bronco hat:
Cousin Chris, we're getting our artistic juices flowing for when you're out next January!!!  
More finger painting:
Here's the BIG project of the week:
Justin, Seth, Kathy and Tom, with lots of help from Mary and Ellie, rototilled the back yard on Wednesday:

Then, they laid sod on Thursday:

Along with the help of Grandpa Tomas (pronounced "Toe-mas"):
At least someone was relaxing!  He's Noah leaning back, drinking his milk:
But wait!  Now it's water from a grown-up glass!:
Hmm, there's less in there now:
"Mom's not getting work done here so I'll take over":
"Hmm, what seems to be the problem with this thing?":
And without further adieu, here are the 4th of July pictures from the 4th annual L. Marvin Olmsted Memorial Independence Day Games!  There would have been more pictures had Justin not been "soloing it" most of the day (I stayed at home to study).
Noah helping with the decorations:
Dancing in the kitchen:
With Grandpa's measuring cup (Tom cooked up some good meals!):
Croquet with Daddy:

Going solo:

Relaxing on the swing with Uncle Adrian and mommy:
Now, here's the best part: it rained.  No wait, it didn't rain, it DOWN POURED!  The grass was flooded but you know the saying: "the games must go on!"  So, Connie and Seth SHOVELED the grass to get the water off!:
Clap, clap!:
Spending time with Grandma Kathy:
These pictures are for you, Uncle Adam: here's your godson enjoying your cornhole game: (By the way, we missed you and Leahna!!!!):

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