Friday, July 24, 2009

The Final Countdown

I've got Saturday, Sunday and then Monday until my orals. At this point I'm so ready for them to be done! I've been studying up for Dr. Metz's questions (I'm sure he'll ask me about the pieces and composers I left out of my written test and I'm ready to tell him all about the parenthetical harmony and chordal mutation in Chopin's Prelude Op. 28 number 4. I have lots of other examples, but you're not on here to read that- you're hear to check out new pictures of Noah!)

In cleaning out my Granny's basement, Noah inherited a bunch of my brother's and my old toys. Here he is playing with our old "little people farm":
He's trying to get the button under the door to work- it makes a "moo" sound (since it's so old, it's a very sad "moo" sound):
This picture and the next one are for Uncle Aaron and Uncle Seth: some people LIKE peas, your nephew included:

He's had a renewed interest in his train set- yeah! (daddy and I really like playing with the train set- okay, building the track is where the real fun lies):
He's become very passionate about the way he wants his track built. He threw a FIT today because Justin didn't understand Noah wanted the red ramp in the train track at a particular spot:
J's been working very hard in the back yard. He has the "recycled" rubber mulch in where Noah's play-set will be (he'll get that next spring) and the area to the right is where there's going to be a sand box (the sand's being delivered tomorrow):
There's a little corned planter that he put in to the east of the play area (and he's going to work on getting the weeds out of the tree area this coming week. Next year we'll probably put more dirt and mulch in that area):
This is to the east of the patio. Mulch is going in there tomorrow and in the front "mini" planter area we're going to plant a "Peace Rose" in memory of my Granny. I also ordered a Mister Lincoln tea rose to go with it so it wouldn't look lonely in that area:
Here's my cute little popsicle boy. He likes to carry his popsicle around outside with him. I bought the slow melting ones but they still melt on him. He has no interest in eating it, just carrying it around and looking for airplanes.:

And, yes, the back door mat says "Go Away"- I thought it was really funny for some reason! :) It's nothing like us, maybe that's why.

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