Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trying to Relax. . .

My writtens are finally done, I had them on Tuesday. For those of you I haven't talked to about them, I'm disappointed with one particular question and my lack of being able to answer it properly. So, needless to say I've been beating myself up about it and Tuesday after the test I wasn't in good shape. I talked with a dear friend and she told me that I really needed to take yesterday to spend with the boys and not do any work. Jackie, I'm so glad I took your advice! Here's what Noah and I did on Wednesday:
I think cuddling with him on the couch is one of my new favorite things to do with him. Sometimes he'll sit like this or he'll sit with his head up under my chin, it's just so cozy and such a rarity that he sits still that long (it's usually first thing in the morning or when he has gotten up from a nap).
Here's Noah eating craisens- he loves them! Go figure!
And of course he's still after the camera:
Where's Noah?
Here he is!
While Noah and I have been getting reacquainted after me being in school for weeks, Justin has had more time to work in the yard. He got the stone border in around the grass and has started getting ready the area where we'll put some playground stuff for Noah next year. Here are some pictures of Noah and his cousins enjoying the backyard:

I had to share this video clip of Justin singing "Cumberland Gap" to Noah. Me, being a elementary music teacher in the Kodaly methodology, has Noah listening to folk music in the car and I think Justin actually enjoys it! I'll catch him singing or humming the songs around the house- I love it!

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