Monday, July 13, 2009

A Week in Pictures IV

"Whew": That about sums up how I'm doing. Last week I had my final for my contemporary music history class and my project was due. I think I did okay but I won't know for a while. My written comprehensive test is tomorrow morning at 9:00. It takes about 4 hours and my professor (who coincidentally is the same lady I student taught with and a dear friend) said it's typical to type 20-30 pages! Yikes. All I know is I, along with my sweet husband and son, am going to be glad when this is all over. I have the orals in two weeks, I need to brush up on some of my general ed. stuff for that. You know, fun stuff like how does "No Child Left Behind" affect music education, what is RTI (response to intervention), etc.

There are some congratulations that are in order:
My brother Aaron just finished his masters at the American Band College out of University of Southern Oregon- CONGRATS AARON!!!
AND, my brother-in-law, Seth, just got hired for his first teaching job- CONGRATS SETH!!

Well, here's our week in pictures:

Noah knows how to "chill out" during the hot summer! Sitting in our fridge:
Trying on mommy's flip-flops:
Opening mommy's laptop:
"Got it open":
"There we go!":

I haven't been able to get many good pictures lately as once Noah sees the camera he HAS to have it! So, here are some of him coming for the camera:

(how do you like the sunglasses? They're mine and unfortunately I haven't seen them since!):

Up close and personal with "camera boy":

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