Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Week in Pictures II

Well, it's been a busy week at the Abbott house.  Justin and Noah have spent a lot of quality time together while I have studied for class.  I had my first or two tests last Wednesday and am about 1/2 way through my composer project and 1/2 of my reading for next week.  I meet with my advisor on Monday to schedule my comps.  While I'd like to have them done before August it will make for a busy first two weeks in July preparing for them.  My mom and Noah's two girls will come over Monday morning to help Justin out.  This will be a busy week for him as well.  He's going to be busy in the backyard getting it ready to lay sod and then lay it.  Seth is also thinking of laying sod in his yard, which if that's the case, they will help each other with the yards.

Noah's been well, eating tons, as you can see from his cereal cabinet raid below:
He managed to take ALL the boxes of cereal out and tried to eat some out of most of them:
He's also been sleeping A LOT!  He was to have speech and physical therapy on Thursday at 3:00.  He went down for a nap around 1:00.  At 2:40 when he hadn't woken up yet I call the ladies and told them we'd better cancel- good thing I did, he slept until after 4:00!  Here he is on the couch: he started out in his crib, woke up and I brought him down stairs where we cuddled for a while and then he rolled over and crashed out on the couch.
Don't remember why he was making this face, but it cracks me up:
Helping daddy load/unload the dishwasher  (J was loading it and Noah was unloading it):
One of his new favorite pass times, colored pencils:
No, he's not drinking the Mtn. Dew, but he thinks he's pretty special carrying it around and pretending to drink out of the can (this is on fathers day):
Here he is flipping through  my music history book- I think he's getting more out of it than I do!:
He also thinks he's big stuff climbing up into the chairs and sitting at the table.  Too many times this week I've come in to find him about to edit my class notes!:

"Mmm, donuts!"  This is Father's Day morning: Noah and I are starting a tradition of gettin gJ LaMar's donuts and a Starbucks latte before he gets out of bed.  I got Noah a M&M donut (or as he calls it "ma-mas") and he had to have a hot chocolate from Starbucks as well!
Noah's been fascinated by busses for sometime now but on Father's Day, while we were eating Justin's delicious smoked brisket, discovered the fine art of aircraft.  Since then whenever he hears a plane he has to see it in the sky.  We went for a walk the other night and I don't know which amused me more: Noah searching in the sky for planes or Justin trying to explain to him that he couldn't control when the planes would fly by.  Noah was getting so frustrated and wanted more planes and he wanted Justin to make them come! :)

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