Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Butterfly Pavilion

While Justin and Seth tackled painting the ceiling in the living room today Noah and I went to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster.   I had been there before and thought that Noah would love it.  There's a bug room, which he was mildly interested in.  This are includes Rosy, a tarantula that they let the kids touch.  Too bad there was a long line to do that. . . . . . .  (thank goodness!).  There's a water life area that has an aquarium with jelly fish, one with tropical fish (including clown fish where you hear all the kids get excited about "Nemo") and there's an area where you can touch star fish.   Again, mildly interested in this room.  Then there is the infamous butterfly room that is a simulated rain forest.  As soon as we entered it Noah wanted to leave!  I got him to look at a couple butterflies but he really just wanted to leave.  He finally found some contentment in a area that they simulated to be like "Honey I Shrunk the Kids."  The area that he liked the best was the big honeycomb.  Here are some pictures from our trip today:
I love this one:

"Reading" up about bugs:
At the mosquito exhibit: 
By a giant bug:
"Holy cow, Mom!  Look at this grasshopper!":

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