Friday, June 12, 2009

Daddy's a Hero!

Before I tell you the story of how Justin is a hero I must first introduce you to our resident bunny.  (See above photo)  He has yet to be named (I'm pushing for Bob the Bunny) but Noah enthusiastically calls him "BAA!"  Anyways, "Baa" visits our backyard daily.  Two days ago in fact we noticed there were two bunnies.  Then yesterday Justin noticed there is now a baby bunny that also inhabits our yard.   Well, today the baby bunny somehow got down into our window well.  (see photo below)  The poor little bunny was trying his/her hardest to hop its way out of there but it just couldn't do it.  Justin made a "bunny catcher" out of Noah's diaper box, finally got the bunny to go into the box and carefully got the bunny out of the window well just before one of the daily rounds of rain started. (It's been raining on and off here all week- sure doesn't feel like summer vacation yet)
 Way to go J for rescuing the baby bunny!
Now, I know you all don't check the blog to see pictures of bunnies so, for the real reason you're visiting: here are some photos of Noah! :)

Here's Noah and Daddy playing with a red stretchy tube:
"Now it's short":
"Now it's long":
"And we can play telephone with it!":
Check out these two cute kids!  Mary went with Noah and I to Fort Collins buy books for my class.  Noah lately has been wanting to be carried so I knew I couldn't carry him and my books so I recruited Mary to help me.
This is Noah pretending to talk on his phone while wearing his Cubs batting helmet (thanks Grandpa Dean) while investigating his toy box in his playroom:
Since we've moved Noah's been fascinated with Daddy's tools.  This day it was the tape measure that caught his attention:
Pulling it up:
"Look how high!":
"Aw, love the tape measure" (yes, he's giving the tape measure a hug, as he does with everything these days!):

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