Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mmm, mmm, Corn Dogs!!!

So, anyone who's ever had a toddler or has been around a toddler for a while understands the difficulty one faces when meal planning.  The quest to find something they will eat is always a daunting task and seems to be a feat that is never met.  

A few weeks ago, when contemplating Noah's lunch repertoire, I picked up a package of corn dogs.  I was excited about these corn dogs, sure that my little boy would devour them, like any red blooded American male.  Much to my dismay, he wouldn't even touch them! 

Well, today for lunch, after his daddy so lovingly made him a grilled cheese sandwich and, in our need to clean out our freezer before we move, fixed himself two corn dogs, Noah decided that he no longer wanted the grilled cheese and the corn dog was his choice of cuisine.  Poor Justin did get to eat one of his corn dogs before he had to forfeit the other to his son.   

Here are some pictures from Noah's "Corn Dog Experience":  (I love the fact he's sitting in his "big boy" seat, wearing his ball cap!)
Dippin' the Dog, in ketchup that is (Auntie Jan, aren't you proud?!):
Checking out the proportion of ketchup to corn dog.  Yep, it seems correct:
Going in for the bite:
Still biting:
Yea for corn dogs!  Not only are they yummy, but they come on a really cool stick!
Yes, corn dogs are good.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  (Okay, I posted this one because look at his cheeks: are those Abbott dimples that I see?):

Non-corn dog related: we've been busy packing.  I have most of Noah's stuff packed, the linen closes, our room, the living room and down stairs is wall to wall boxes!  Thank goodness we don't spend much time down there!  Well, the lunch lady at school has been great about saving boxes for me. So, everyday I've been packing boxes home.  Noah this week has discovered boxes aren't just for packing things in: they are also a great hiding spot!  He was playing peek-a-boo with me yesterday.  Here he is after he just "popped up.":
Opps, looks like we found him!!!

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crazyauntiejan said...

I love Corn Dogs with Ketchup!!!!
Way to Go Noah....making your auntie sooo proud.