Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break is Over :(

Well, Spring Break is over and that means I'm back at school tomorrow and Noah goes back to the Shoe's tomorrow.  Kathy and Tom had a two week spring break: Justin and I teach in different districts and we have different spring breaks.  They drove out to California to visit Uncle Adam and were gone for a week and a half.  Noah was very excited to see Grandma and Grandpa when they got back on Friday night.  The picture above is from Saturday night when grandma and grandpa invited us over for pizza.
During Justin's spring break Noah was so sick with a stomach bug.  Lucky me, he was over it for my spring break!  One of those sick mornings he vomited all over his car seat (luckily we live close enough to the Shoe's that Justin could go grab the other carseat).  We finally put the freshly cleaned carseat together on Saturday.  Who knew that having a carseat in the living room could be such fun?  Noah thought it was so funny to go sit in it. . . . he even had to be buckled it!
In the past two weeks we have done a great deal of packing, gearing up for our move.  No, we're not packing Noah up quite yet, but it's such fun to play in the boxes!! :)
Here he is Friday night, playing a the play area in the mall after we had dinner at Red Robin.
On the last weekday of our spring break, Noah and I went to the WOW Children's Museum here in Lafayette.  I had no idea something so wonderful was less than 5 minutes away!  Above, he's admiring the stamp on his hand that they gave him. . . . he was quite tickled by it!
Here he is looking in the crazy mirror at the WOW museum. 
There were two trains: the BRIO train track like he has at home and the electric one in the case above.  He loved watching the train go around.  There were buttons on the side of the display that made different buildings light up and when the train stopped you had to push one of the side buttons to make it go again.  This kiddo was in HEAVEN!!!
They also had a train depot to play in. Here's Noah looking at me through the window, showing off his "button."
At the BRIO track.
Spring break was relaxing, for the most part.  It was so great to spend time with my ever changing little boy.  I'm going to miss spending all day with him but I just have to keep thinking of all the exciting things that are coming up. . . . for one, we close on the house three weeks from Tuesday!!!

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