Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Goofin' Around with Mary & Ellie

What a different Sunday we had today.  Justin and Noah let me sleep in, which was great.  But shortly after Justin took his shower this morning he started feeling really sick to his stomach.  I had a ROCKE board meeting and Justin finally decided it would be best if my mom could watch Noah while I went to Denver for the meeting.  Lucky for my mom she also was watching my nieces.  Noah LOVES his girls so it made for an easy transition for me to drop him off and leave for Denver.  I left around 12:30 and told my mom that Noah would need a nap soon.  Well, she tried without luck to get him down.  That was until she discovered that he wanted Mary to help put him down for a nap!  So, his 9 year old cousin helped put him down for his nap: she's going to make one fabulous babysitter one day!

After the meeting, Noah and I hung out at my folks house and had dinner while Justin had some peace and quiet at home.  Somehow we started messing around on my laptop.  One of the features on my laptop is a "Photo Booth" application. It's fun to play around with and the girls had never done it before.  Here are some pictures of Mary, Ellie, Noah and I in the "Photo Booth":
This one is "black and white":
This one is "Pop Art":
"Thermal Camera":
"Colored Pencil":
"Comic Book":

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