Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look What We've Been Doing. . .

Practicing our walking!!! Noah is finally starting to take some steps on his own. He's really made a lot of progress the past couple of days. He's gone from me basically pushing him to walk towards Justin (and vice verse) to him standing against the couch and starting to walk towards me on his own.
And here's a pic of him walking with his truck. He likes to walk with this from one end of the house to the other. The problem is he hasn't figured out how to turn it around!
It was such a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday that we took Noah for a walk in his wagon to my parents' house across town. He loves to ride in it! I knelt down to visit with him at a red light and he quickly let me know that my job was not to visit with him but to pull him!Of course his favorite thing at my mom's house, aside from his cousins, is still the piano. I would love to have one. I'm pretty sure we'll be moving this summer, I'll have to put one on my "wish list!"I think this picture is too cute, he looks like he's ready for his own office, doesn't he? He loves that table. He loves to work at it. . . . And sit and play under it.
This is his newest climbing toy, our vacuum. He LOVES the vacuum. He chases after it when we're using it and stands on top of it when we're trying to put it away. Now, I just can't wait to teach him how to use it!!!


UncleSeth said...

He looks like a little Frankenstein in that first pic. Really cute. And I still think he needs a haircut.

Haon Ttobba said...

Yeah. Maybe he's learning to walk so he can walk his little butt over to Great Clips and get a hair cut! HaHa!