Tuesday, January 27, 2009

17 Months Old Today!!

Noah's 17 months old today and is growing and changing everyday. He climbs into his chair at his table with ease, he can get onto his rocking chair, has almost gotten onto his daddy's chair and of course he's trying to get onto the couch as well.
He loves playing with his computer. He knows how to turn it on and off and has favorite buttons that he likes to push. He thinks he's pretty big stuff typing on his laptop although he still loved to type on mine.
He's become a master at the phone. He had my cell phone yesterday and actually dialed Justin's cell!! I must admit we open the phone bill with caution, we keep waiting to see an expensive phone call placed to China!

"Must play trains!" is what this picture is saying. To say he loves his train set is an understatement. He loves trains and is developing a love for vehicles. His new favorite toy is his farm truck that Santa brought him for his first Christmas.

We thought he'd be walking by now but he's decided to remind us that he will do things in his own time. Jessica, his physical therapist, told us this past weekend that it's normal for babies to regress a little before they start walking independently. For a while he would walk back and forth between Justin and I without any help. Now when we try to get him to walk he'll lean against our arms or hang onto our hands. . . once we try to get him to let go he'll go straight to the ground. Like I said, he'll do it in his own time!

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