Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Belated Birthdays to Aunt Janis and Aunt Leahna!

Happy late birthday to Aunt Janis and Aunt Leahna.  Janis's birthday was last Friday, January 30th and Leahna's birthday was Saturday, January 31st.  We hope you both had great days and we love you very much!
Between celebrating two aunts' birthdays, the Super Bowl, two nights of parent/teacher conferences for Amy last week with one more night this week, a 2nd grade concert the Thursday, swim lessons on Saturday mornings and a ROCKE workshop this coming weekend we've been very busy.  Noah spent a lot of time today practicing walking especially with Rachel and Jessica, his speech and physical therapists, who worked together with him this evening.  He'll be zooming around here before we know it.

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