Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Pictures

Here's Noah's latest ride! We decided that since we will be doing a lot of walking when we go to Chicago this summer we'd need something for Noah besides our big stroller. So, before Ellie's B-day golf party we went to Babies-R-Us and purchased this baby carrier-backpack. He seemed to enjoy it. On Sunday we walked over to Walmart and I carried him in it, it's actually not that heavy. We plan on using it on lots of walks before our trip. We can't wait to use it this summer in the Windy City!
Here's our little bongo player. We got this drum for him a while ago. When we first got it, Noah was frustrated by it. But lately, it's become his favorite toy.

Here's my baby in his newest Rockies clothes. Although, I'm sure Justin will be getting him a Cubbies outfit this summer in Chicago.

We've been trying to expose Noah to some table foods. On Saturday we tried giving him some pancakes. Well, the pancakes got poked, prodded and torn to pieces but came no where near his mouth. The orange, that he's not allowed to eat yet, was a different story. That went straight into the mouth!
Where's Noah? The other night I had this red blank laying on the floor and he kept wrapping himself in it! I'd unroll him and within a second he'd be rolled up in it again. What a goof ball!
Well, I finally got pictures from the weekend uploaded. Now I've got to go get my 3rd grade program typed. I have the kindergarten concert tomorrow night, student council Wednesday night and the 3rd grade concert Thursday night. Justin's kids have the AP US History exam on Friday. I think that we might be going out to dinner to celebrate surviving a busy week. Only 14 school days left!

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We should get together and make plans for Mother's day:) What do you think?