Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's a Busy Time of Year!

The end of the school year is definitely a busy time of year for teachers, I think it's even busier than Christmas time!

I had two concerts last week, kindergarten and third grades. Justin's students took the AP exam last Friday. That was a fiasco! Someone pulled the fire alarm with nine minutes left in the test. Because this is a national test, that was the only opportunity for the students to take the test. Now the teachers are worried of the possibility that the test may be invalid because students had a chance to discuss it. It costs $84 per student to take the test and 88 students took it, that would be a lot of money wasted on a test that is invalidated! Yikes.
Mother's day was very busy! My niece, Mary, made her first communion that day. Afterwards my brother and his family, Justin, Noah and I took my mom, Granny and dad out to eat. Then we headed over to the Shoemakers for dinner. On Saturday Justin bought me my mother's day gift: a new digital camera. We're still trying to figure it out. Our old camera was bought 6+ years ago and is a dinosaur compared to this camera!
I decided to apply for a music position at a new school that is opening up in my district. I think this could be a good change for me and it would be very exciting to open a new school. I had my interview this afternoon and now of course I am dwelling on answers that I should have given and things I should have said. I won't know if I got the position until the middle of next week at the earliest. If I do get the job I have to have all my personal "stuff" packed and moved out by the 27th! After 10 years of teaching you won't believe the amount of "stuff" I have at school!

My baby boy is growing more and more everyday. He LOVES to stand up. His personality shines through more and more each day. We were grocery shopping yesterday and passed another baby about his age who was shopping with his mommy. They stared at each other and exchanged some words, it sounded something like this:
Noah: "uh"
Other baby: "uh uh"
Noah: "uh uh"
Other baby: "uh"
It was very cute, I guess you had to be there! :)

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