Saturday, May 3, 2008

Joe Summer

"Hey, how you doin'?!"

We had a great weekend and I have lots of pictures to share but can't because our Internet is EXTREMELY slow for some reason. Last night I tried about 5 times to upload pictures and today I tried numerous times and am unable to get them uploaded, except this one. J's going to try to call about it tomorrow, so once this is fixed I will share some pictures from our weekend.

One of our purchases this weekend was Noah's shades, how do you like them? They are actually a little small for him (the package said 3 years and up. They fit Mary fine, but they're tight on Noah- Justin claims it's because his brains are so big)

We went putt-putting on Saturday for Ellie's birthday. There was a couple there that have a baby a month younger than Noah, so at the party it was fun to see the babies interact with each other. I'm excited for swim lessons this summer mainly for him to be around other babies!

I'll get those other pictures posted ASAP- have a great week everyone!

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