Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone! Noah's third Halloween was like a roller coaster. When we first started carving pumpkins he couldn't figure out what we were doing to them. He looked very upset that we were cutting up his precious pumpkins that he's grown accustom to counting on our front porch every morning. Hence, the look below:
Here he is hugging one of his beloved pumpkins:

I couldn't get him to help me take the seeds out: he didn't want to get his hand dirty! (Well maybe he won't be a surgeon after all!)

After his nap he was much more willing to help Daddy with the pumpkins (although, I think the selling point was the fact that he got to hold his own carving knife- thank goodness they aren't that sharp!)

We started trick-or-treating at Aaron and Janis's house. It took the persuasion of his cousins to get him in his Mickey Mouse suit. In the picture below, I'm putting the head piece on (that he kept taking off) and Mary is helping with the shoes.

On our way to trick-or-treat at Nana's (Elaine, our family friend who watches him during the week)

The whole group on our way to Nana's (its' really far away from Aaron's house, um. . . . next door!)

Here are the three cousins: Ellie as Hannah Montana, Noah as Mickey Mouse and Mary as a witch:
Noah had been in kind of a crabby mood until Auntie Jan showed him her talking skeleton. I thought it would scare him (like Justin's dancing and singing Homer Simpson that he had out last Christmas) but Noah LOVED it!

Here we are on our way to Trick-or-Treat at the Vogelsberg Grandparents' house. At this point he still wasn't in the best of moods and we had to quickly slip his ears on before they answered the door.

Here he is checking out the M&M's and books my mom got him:
Between visiting my parents and visiting Justin's parents, we stopped for dinner at Sonic. Who knew the power of a cherry limeade?! Noah was back to his usually cheerful self and he even kept his ears on for a long time at the Shoemakers!
First thing you do when you get to Grandma Kathy's? Turn on the iPod of course!
The Shoe's got him an M&M fan (that's really soft so he can't get hurt), he loved it!
And the icing on the Halloween cake? A brand new tape-measure!!! (Hence, the tool obsession continues!)
We hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween. A Donut Man Halloween Video will be posted tomorrow!

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