Saturday, October 10, 2009

Noah's 2 Year Pictures, FINALLY!

We had Noah's two year pictures taken today. We went to a different place than in the past and Justin and I agreed that we will for sure be giving this new place our business from now on. There were many things that made us love this new place. First, the photographer worked with Noah: she was very child-centered in her approach and very patient with him. Two, we were offered more than 6 poses. We ended up with 57 pictures of him! Three, the studio itself was more child-centered: they had a lego table where the kids could play and stay in the view of their parents while they chose which pictures they wanted. And, finally, we may have paid a little more than we had in the past but we ended up with three times the amount of photographs that we purchased, plus the CD with all the photographs AND the photographer didn't rush us. It was a great experience!

So, here are some of Noah's 2 year pictures!

The one below is my favorite:

The two below turned out a little dark, but I love his face and body language:

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