Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Sad Day for Mommy and J's Halloween Video

'Tis a sad day for me: my baby boy got his first hair cut today. :(
He fell asleep on the way into Boulder and was quite hesitate at first. But, he got to sit on Daddy's lap during the process, played with Daddy's phone (which he NEVER gets to do) and got a lollipop in the end. He looks so much older now!

A side view of the finished haircut:
A front view. He isn't feeling very well today, both he and I are getting sick. Not a good time, I have a concert on Wednesday and I have to be at school these next three days because the kids aren't quite ready for it. But, only three weeks until Thanksgiving Break!
Here's the Halloween Video that Justin made that I promised in yesterday's blog.. He's quite proud of it:

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