Friday, August 14, 2009

The Last Weekend Before School

I'm in total denial that I start back to school in two days! This has been a busy and intense summer and my only regret is not having had enough time with the boys. I'm still hoping that we can get Noah to the zoo one of these Saturdays this fall and I enrolled him in swim lessons this fall (Saturday morning classes) not for the lesson part but to ensure that we go swimming. We didn't make it swimming once this summer! I know I have the full school year ahead of me but I'm already looking forward to next summer and all the time that I'll have off with Noah and J.
Justin started back officially on Wednesday. I did the orientation for the new elementary school music teachers Thursday and Friday morning. It was a good trial run for Noah and his new daycare situation. He will be going to Elaine, who lives next door to my Granny's house. It's very comforting because I've known her all my life, they knew my grandparents very well and have been close family friends. She also watches her grandson who is 3 months older than Noah. It's going to be great for him to have some social interaction with another kiddo. The influence of having Jackson and Holly out here last week was huge, the speech therapist noticed a bunch of new sounds and I attribute it largely to that social interaction that he had with them.

Well, here's some new pictures of my little sweetie, wearing Uncle Jackson's sunglasses that he left here last weekend:
Also wearing his Broncos shirt, too bad the Broncos didn't look as good as Noah tonight!

And here are some bath time pics:
Justin loves this one:

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