Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Poor Justin has parent/teacher conferences on his birthday. He has a pretty easy day otherwise. It's late start and his first class is taking their Pre-SATs (I think) for part of their class period so he only has two and a half classes. But, it's still a long day to be at school.
Noah and I hope it goes quickly and that you have a good day, we love you!!!

Jackie called last night to wish Justin a happy Birthday and as you can see from the first picture, Noah wanted to be part of the action!
Here's the little pumpkin, it's not his Halloween costume (you all have to wait a couple weeks to see that) but a fun, cozy outfit we put him in after his bath since it wasn't bedtime yet. It's been cool here and finally feeling like fall. All three of us were cozied up in our sweats!
This weather makes me think about how the holiday season is upon us and how Christmas will be here before we know it. In fact, we bought Noah's Christmas outfit this past weekend and even bought him a Christmas gift!!!

Here's my little helper helping me unload the dishwasher on Monday morning. (He's pulling himself up to standing when the door is open.) He was even trying to help me take the dishes out, I thought for a minute one of the bowls was a goner!

He's venturing out and eating lots of new foods. He really liked the lasagna my mom made a couple weeks ago so tonight we had spaghetti. Of course it was very messy, good thing it was bath night! And we learned from the lasagna to strip him down first! :)
I hope everyone has a great day, please send some Happy Birthday vibes to J! Happy Birthday, honey!!! Noah and I love you very much!

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