Friday, October 10, 2008

Dancing and Playing Hooky

Well, I played hooky from school today for the first time. I usually only take off if I am sick, have a doctor's appointment that I can't schedule at any other time or I am going to a conference. I also have the day off on Monday! I never do this, it's such a pain to write sub plans and such but Noah and I both needed it. And I lucked out that the sub I had is the same lady that subbed during my maternity leave and she wanted to write her own plans- score for me!!!
It's been hard on Noah with me being gone so much the past two weeks due to conferences. He's cried when I've had to leave in the morning and has been really clinging. It was so nice to be together today. Unfortunately I have a workshop tomorrow, but then I have all day Sunday (except when I'm directing a church choir in the morning- subbing for another music teacher) and all day Monday. October is a busy month (I have a commitment EVERY Saturday this month), but then November will be busy and of course December is really busy. So if there aren't a lot of posts between now and January I apologize now for that!

Here's another picture from the Race for the Cure, these are all the people on the team that Noah and I walked on (except for Connie who was taking the picture)
And here's my little dancer. He is dancing more and more be it when you sing to him or play music for him. Here he is dancing in his high chair at dinner last night. The Spice Girls are playing in the background but for some reason it's really hard to hear.

Here's wishing everyone a good weekend!

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