Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Genetics, How Interesting

Genetics are so interesting. More so now that we've had Noah. There are definitely traits that he gets from Justin and ones that he gets from me. For instance, when Noah gets his "what in the world it going on?" face he looks just like Justin. And I'm sure that Justin would tell you that Noah has a stubborn streak that he gets from me.
What's even more interesting are the traits that he has gotten from earlier generations. I can only speak for my side of the family, but I think that Noah has gotten my dad's lips. My mom claims that I also inherited them. She lovingly refers to them as "saucer lips." My dad and I can both make our top lip thin like a saucer. It wasn't until this picture that I realized Noah really did get my dad's lips!

Some of the traits that Noah has inherited he got from my Gramps (my mom's dad.) He has a dimple in his chin- that's from Gramps. His hair has red highlights, some days it looks REALLY red- again, from Gramps. And now that his hair is getting longer, it has little curls at the end- yep, your guessed it, again Gramps. The Fourth of July always reminds me of Gramps. He passed away on July 5, 1985. It will be 23 years ago on Saturday and some of the memories I have of him are so vivid. It touches my heart to see some of Gramps in my baby boy!

Noah has started earning his keep, :) we are training him to load and unload the dishwasher!!! What a goofy baby!

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