Sunday, July 27, 2008

11 Months Old Today!!!!

I can't believe my little guy is 11 months old today! Last year at this time I kept praying that he would come early! He was due the 16th of August, so he was considered full term at this time last year. But he didn't and he was well worth the wait. I also think that his tardy arrival is an indication that he will do things in his own time.
He is a little ham and it's so much fun to see his personality developing. He loves kids, especially his cousins Mary and Ellie. He had a great time playing with them when they were over last night.
He's learning so many tricks: he claps, he shows how big he is, he growls on cue, he rolls, he's starting to army crawl, the list goes on! He's starting to talk a lot more now. He says "mama", "dada", "yes", "shh", "hot", "lala" (new today) and tons of babble. He's still not sure what all those mean, but he will soon.
This week will be our last week of swim lessons. It's also our last "formal" library time, the library is taking a break from programs until the fall. I found a group of moms called "Blizzard Babies" that Noah and I will be visiting on Wednesday. If you live in Colorado you know that between Christmas 2006-New Years 2007 we had a lot of snow and so about 9 months later the hospitals were over-run with babies. This is how the play group got it's name. I'm looking forward to meeting other moms that have babies Noah's age.
The sad news is school is starting soon. Justin goes back on the 11th of August and I go back on the 14th. A summer has never gone as fast as this one, it's just not fair!

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