Sunday, July 20, 2008

First Popsicle

Yummy!!!!! Noah had his first popsicle today! It's been really hot (although we are fortunate enough to have a/c) and he hasn't felt like eating much so we thought see how he'd do with a popsicle. He was very hesitant at first, touching and feeling it. To be honest I wasn't quite sure it would end up in his mouth. But it did and of course it ended up other places as well!!! (For example, the pool of red liquid that was in his belly button when he was finished!) Needles to say when he was finished he went straight from the high chair to the bath tub. He seemed to enjoy it (the popsicle that is) and I can only imagine how good it felt for him on his gums (those molars are trying to come in).

Grandma Debbie, Grandpa Jerry, Granny, Mary and Ellie were over for dinner this evening. After Noah took his bath, his cousins and daddy played Mario Kart on the Nintendo. Of course, Noah had to be part of the action. His dad loaned him one of the controllers to play with. However, he didn't find his controller as interesting as Mary's controller. Mary's was red, his favorite color.

Cousin Chris got Noah a riding toy for his early birthday when we were in Chicago. He loves to sit on it and is starting to figure out how to move on it, albeit backwards, but that's progress! AND he can ride on it and clap at the same time, as you can see in the picture! : )

Here's Noah and Mary playing with his piano this afternoon, they were having a great time.

Here's the girlies, Grandma Debbie & Noah at Pagliacci's last night. We were celebrating Grandma Debbie's 60th birthday.

After dinner, we went to Granny's house for cake from Cold Stone Creamery. The girls decided they wanted to play the game Memory. Little did they know how difficult it would be to play the game with Noah around. He added a whole new element to the game, turning over lots of cards and rearranging them into a random order instead of the neat lines that Mary had placed them in. I bet they think twice about trying to play that game again with Noah rolling around on the floor (at least until he's a little older!).

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