Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Love My Cousins: Mar & El

If you ask Noah who his favorite cousins are, without hesitation he'll say "Mar-n-El" (Mary and Ellie). I'm so happy that my brother and I live so close and Noah gets to see Mary and Ellie frequently. This past week, I didn't have school on Monday and Tuesday, neither did the girls, so Noah spent two fun-filled days with his favorite ladies. Here are a couple pics:

Noah has also re-discovered my old shopping cart that had been stored in Granny's basement for years and then in one of the closets at our house. He played with it when we first got it but then, like all toys, it lost it's luster. So I put it away for a while. It was like having a brand new toy when we got it back out and it's fun to see how many of the food items in the cart he can now say.
Here's one last picture of the little "Big Man" wearing my shoes. He thinks he'd pretty big stuff walking around in Justin's and my shoes!

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