Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you and yours had a great holiday!

Last year Justin and I decided we would start the tradition of making homemade spaghetti on New Year's Eve and invite all our local family over. This year we had both of our parents and my brother and his family. The spaghetti was yummy and the company was fantastic!

Here are some pictures from our evening:
Noah with his 2010 glasses (and one of his two favorite cousins, Ellie):
My two lovely nieces, Ellie & Mary:
Miss Ellie, in all her 2010 glory:
Noah, with his top hat (that he had to wear all through the store when we were grocery shopping but didn't want to wear for New Year's Eve!):
Ellie reading Noah a bedtime story:

New Year's Day. I got all the Christmas stuff packed up and stored down stairs! Noah caught the cleaning bug and decided to sweep up the deck of cards he dropped on the floor:
We had dinner tonight at my mom and dad's house. New Year's Day is also my dad's birthday so we were there to celebrate that.

Here's Noah "playing football (sans the football) with Uncle Aaron:
My mom holding Noah during the singing of "Happy Birthday" to my dad:
My mom's neighbors, Summer & Mic, who they informally adopted into the family and their kids, Giulia and Carrick who my mom calls their grand-neighbors, were also there for dad's dinner. Here's little Carrick on Summer's lap with Giulia and Mary:
Giulia, Mary and Noah helping blow out "Papa's" candles:

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