Saturday, January 23, 2010

Catching Up

It feels like it's been a while since I blogged, although in actuality it's only been 13 days. All you teacher friends and family will relate to this: why is it that a 4 day week can seem SO MUCH longer than a regular 5 day week?!

Noah is becoming quite the t.v. addict. In an attempt to break this I've been trying different activities with him when we get home from school. He loves to play playdough- he'd do that for hours. But this week we tried water colors. To say he loved it would be an understatement. The catch is, he was more interested in coloring the water than the paper. And, this will not be a surprise to those of you that know my son, the only color he would paint with was red. He refused to try any other colors. He would touch them and tell me the colors but the only color he would paint with his brush was red.

Here are some pictures from our painting session (cousin Chris, you'll have to help us this summer when we see you!):

Here are the end results. I forgot to mention we also introduced scissors. He's doing really well with knowing which fingers go in which holes. I help him open the scissors and he can push them closed:

Here are my two boys, lounging on the couch:
I love that face!:
And in other exciting news, I bought bedding/etc. for Hannah's room! We went to the mall last weekend with the Shoes and I talked them into swinging by Target. I thought I would get her skirt for her crib and a set of sheets. When we got there the whole bedding collection was 50% off, and me being a sucker for a good deal, went a head and got all of her bedding. (Of course, we also hit three Targets stores to get most of it)

The butterfly, dragonfly and flower on her wall:
Her crib:
The teddy was a Christmas present from Daddy and my Granny made the afghan:
Her crib with the mobile and light switch plate:
Noah's favorite: the rug! And her butterfly night light:
And one more picture of my little man. This is the way he fell asleep this afternoon for his nap:

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