Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Last Pictures of Noah as an Only Child

It's hard to believe that this time tomorrow Hannah will be here and Noah will be a big brother. The poor little guy is under the weather right now. He has a low grade fever and I think his throat must be sore as he didn't eat much today except popsicles and yogurt. I sure hope he feels better, I will miss him so much while I'm in the hospital as it is. Here are some final "only-child" pictures.

Playing in the sandbox with Daddy:

"Riding" his trike. (Okay, Justin's doing all the work, but it's still fun!!!)

We went to the new park at the Erie rec center today before I realized how crummy he was feeling. He had a great time, none the less and I'm sure the fresh air was good for him.

Here's the "choo choo train" slide:
In the tunnel:
On the big boy slide by himself!:

Waving hi to me:
He loves the slides. I couldn't get him to try the swings or riding toys. The nice thing about the park was that he could do everything himself and all the kids that were there were around his age.
We'll be posting pictures soon of our baby girl. Here's praying and hoping for a smooth transition for our little boy and a safe delivery of our little girl!
Love, Justin and Amy

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