Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas family and friends! We hope that you had a great holiday!
Here are some pictures from Christmas at the Abbott household.

The living room, after Santa arrived with his loot for Noah:
The first thing that Noah ran to on Christmas morning: the Sponge Bob Square Pants pillow Santa left him:
Playing with this train that "Ma & Pa" Shoemaker got him:
His Handy Manny workshop that Santa brought:
Making sure Sponge Bob is relaxed on the baseball pillow:
Noah relaxing on his new Baseball beanbag:
With his new Handy Manny toolset:
Playdough!!! He got LOTS and LOTS of playdough!
Playing with Uncle Aaron (and the "Big Truck" that Uncle Seth and Aunt Julie got him) on Christmas day:
Starting to get really tired. . . . . it's tough opening ALL those presents!:
Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve,
opening the "Big Truck" from Seth and Julie:
Opening his croquet set from "Ma & Pa" Shoemaker- he's got to be ready for those 4th of July games!:
Playing with his new "Choo Choo." Every time he was asked what he wanted for Christmas he said a "choo choo," so Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Tom got him a Geo Track:
Making sure Uncle Adam's setting it up correctly:
"Pa" showing him hoe the remote control works:
And now he's a pro at the remote control!:
Merry Christmas everyone! Love, Amy, Justin & Noah

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