Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a Girl!

Well, it's official, Noah will be getting a little sister in April!
We had an ultrasound today and Justin and I are very happy to report that the newest member of our family is healthy and growing well. We were in awe when we had Noah's ultrasound and this one was no different. It's amazing how much it allows us to see: all four chambers of the heart, the bladder, the kidneys, the stomach the hands, the toes, the face, the list goes on!
Here are a few picture of our little girl, who will be named Hannah Evelyn:

Her foot!
Her profile: her mouth is open. She was moving her mouth a lot, maybe she was singing?!
Another profile picture:
Another profile picture, you can see her arm in this one:
And another profile shot:
And here's the big brother-to-be, playing in the cereal bowl at Cherry Creek Mall last week when we were on break:

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Kari said...

Congratulations on your coming daughter. Little girls are such fun! And the combo of an older brother/ younger sister is great! I love having an older brother! I hope all is going well at school. Miss you!