Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two Thanksgivings, a Christmas Tree and a Visit with Santa

 Hannah and Noah having a pre-Thanksgiving lunch (on Tuesday) of McDonald's.  She made her dad proud, holding her own cheeseburger :)

 On our way to Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house on Wednesday:

Thanksgiving at my mom's house:

Thanksgiving at Seth and Julie's on Thursday:

Playing with Uncle Sethie's iPads.  (Of course we all now want one (or two!!))

Elevator ride to go see Santa:

Family picture while we're waiting for Santa (Hannah's looking at him!!)

Lunch afterwards:

I started putting up the Christmas decor last weekend with the tree and lights.  Yesterday I got more of the decorations out.  Tonight Justin and I will hang most of the ornaments and pick out some for the kids to hang tomorrow.
The kids' nativity scene, under the tree (on the Christmas Tree skirt that my Granny made)

The tree, before the garland and ornaments

Today, to kill time, we took the kids to Toys-R-Us.  Hannah, of course, loved all things Mickey Mouse.  Noah checked out all the Imaginex toys, particularly the Toy Story and Batman ones.

And they both had a blast with the train table.  (We have a similar train set at home, of course they won't play with it there!)

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