Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hannah's Baptism

Hannah's baptism was today. She has two lovely godparents, my brother Aaron is her godfather and our good family friend, Patty, is her godmother.
Hannah was able to wear my baptismal gown, which my mom had saved and gave to me as a shower gift. My little girl was so beautiful and only made a little whimper when the deacon started to pour the water on her head!

Here's Justin, me, Sierra (Patty's daughter) and Patty:
Deacon Ron with Mary hold his book:
Ellie and Mary assisting Deacon Ron:
Aaron, Patty, me, Hannah, Justin, Noah & Deacon Ron:
Noah helping out! :

Patty laying the baptismal garment on Hannah:
Aaron with the baptismal candle:

My baby girl, slept through it all!:

In Noah news, he is talking SO much lately!!! And today at church, when all the kids are invited to bring their offerings to the front of the church during the offertory, he walked up to the front of the church and put his dollar in the basket all by himself!!! He usually walks up with Mary and Ellie but they were singing in the childrens choir today. He looked so big and yet so small walking up to the alter all by himself. It really surprised Justin and I that he did it all by himself. He's just getting so much more independent, it's so bittersweet! I'll post some more pictures of both my sweet babies soon!

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